Sales transactions must be processed in your accounting software. Again, this is a task that can and will cost you financially if you are trying to do it all on your own as these tasks keep you from your field of expertise: your trade work.

Processing sales will also keep your customer’s accounts updated. There will be those occasions when you will need to record a credit sale to a customer – don’t let your administrative transaction recording processes sidetrack you. We are here to make this a simple, clean and ease the stress from the process. Sales order information allows us to track the status of invoices and sales orders. It allows us to plan for your future financial needs and also allows you to monitor back orders and stock.

You can review what is on hold and have an instant grasp in the current status of any order. If your business involves warehouse stock picking slips can be used for picking inventory to fill sales orders. With this, billing and shipping information can be verified and any changes such as freight cost updates can be made before your product leaves your premises.

When Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists help you setup or refine your Accounting software, we will consider the following options that may be beneficial for you:

  • Easily identifying customer scheduled orders as trade sales contracts
  • Being able to automatically create supplier scheduled orders for items that are listed on a customer’s scheduled order
  • Automatically match trade sales orders to trade customer orders
  • View or print trade sales and supplier schedules for review
  • Match information from prepared quotes and invoices pertinent to both suppliers and customers.

Whilst many of these processes are dependent on the type of accounting software you use or are planning to use, we will use our skills and knowledge base to make your program as intrinsically valuable to you as possible.


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