Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists run on integrity, passion, drive and connection.

We connect with you and let our skills work for you whilst you work on driving your business.

When working with accounts you don’t want just any old person handling your information, knowing the ins and outs of your innermost company details and finances. You need someone you can trust and rely on. Starting with the recording of your transactions and working with your accounts.

  • Preparation of accurate quotes
  • Preparing invoices
  • Processing sales
  • Recording customer payments
  • Job costing
  • Preparing bank deposits
  • Recording supplier payments
  • Creating adjustment notes for sales returns
  • Recording bank fees
  • Recording merchant fees
  • Recording general journal entries

There are many reasons why recording your transactions is important. When you think about it, especially if you are not a person who enjoys administrative work and number crunching, handling the details of recording each and every transaction you make might seem like a painful task and perhaps a waste of your valuable time and energy. And for what outcome?

Well, to be honest, it is a waste of your valuable time and energy. This is not what you were trained for. But it is what your business needs. Keeping track of all your transactions is the first line of defence in knowing exactly where your money is coming from and where it is going. Recording all your transactions helps you maintain a finger on the pulse of your growing empire and use the information in your accounting system to fine tune your business strategies and guide you towards making more money. It will also help you see where your businesses’ strong points are and steer your resources and expertise in the right direction.

Working with your accounts does not mean you, yourself, must personally learn and implement accounting practices. That would not be cost effective. What it means is that you outsource to a reliable, reputable bookkeeper who has the skills and industry knowledge to help your business grow. Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists will work with your accounts and use our skills to make your business better. An intrinsic component of your business is the administrative side: the setup, the accounting and the operational fundamentals that will give you the information you require in order to build your business.

One of the keys to success is to take small smart steps towards your goals. Start now! Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists are experts in their field, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Trade Industry. We guarantee top level integrity when working with your accounts.