The art of Job Costing! Does that sound a bit over the top? Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists are here to tell you that nothing related to accounting and bookkeeping is over the top.

The calculation of costs involved in trade or construction are recorded in ledger accounts within your software and then summarized.

I have known so many people in the trade industry who do a quick manual calculation, quote the figure that appears in their head and then find themselves short at the end of the job. Often because the basics are forgotten: miscalculating time and staff required to complete the job, forgetting to add GST to their calculation component, “guessing” the approximate cost of parts and supplies and coming up short.

Your brain is amazing, but when you have so much going on, pressure from all directions, it’s too easy to miscalculate and cut yourself short. And that’s where Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists can excel for you, taking the stress out of your accounting, creating and administering a streamlined system that works specifically for you.

So get back out there on the job whilst we set up your accounts, create or tune your company file, prepare your quotes and invoices, process your sales, optimise your job costings and save you vital dollars.

Remember, accurate job costing is a necessary part of a successful trade business. Each job is unique and involves the cost of labour, tools and product. It involves both direct costs, such as labour and materials. It also involves those things one might not consider, such as utilities, the cost of your shop/ warehouse / vehicle/ equipment/ indirect labour and so on.

So, the question is: are your job costings costing you money? With our strong Trade background and experience we know exactly where and how to cost your jobs correctly.

Don’t lost any more time or money: call Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists now!


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